CEO, head coach

Volodya has started to practice sambo from the age of ten and continued to do so during his military service. In the army, he won the sambo championship across all army units. and even after completing his military career, thanks to his undeniable talent, he had won many sambo and MMA tournaments - and soon became a recognized coach. His style has gone through the hard practice in the army, in tournaments and in the personal protection of VIP clients, and now he passes on the gained experiences to his students.


assistant coach

Dani went through a number of other martial arts before she accidentally met Vladimir's sambo - and immediately found out that this fighting education serve the best for her purpose. She did not let herself to be discouraged by the initial distrust of coaching women displayed by the head coach from Belarus, through the hard work she established herself in the gym and eventually got into the position where she is not afraid of facing heavier or difficult opponents in sparring. Her high technical level secured her the position of assistant coach. She also teaches at the FENRIS School of swordfighting.